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How can YOU best grow
with what God is doing with
this Work for the scattered Body
to become fully prepared as
the fitly-framed Bride and
Spiritual Temple for Christ?

      ☻ Do as Christ instructed us in Matthew and Luke 4:4 and live, as taught, by every word of God* ...

      ☻ Focus your effort in accord with Luke 21:34 and be ''watching'' (taking heed to) your conduct** -- and ...

      ☻ Follow carefully the two prerequisites for being "accounted worthy" by especially watching and praying always about those things Christ explained in plain language in verse 36 of Luke 21***

      ☻ Observe the detail thereof to watch and pray always about the current world events related to seals 1-4****

      ☻ Pray often that God will multiply His Spirit upon His servants☺ during this scattered time;

      ☻ Study your Bible and be filled with God's Word (and remember the value in fasting often);

      ☻ Tune in here on the Sabbath and Holy Days and visit the fatherless and widows near you;

      ☻ Watch the daily WorldWatch.TV programs so that the Body is on the same page in our watching and praying always.

* As God taught us by and through His end-time apostle Herbert W. Armstrong, the whole Bible ''is the only 'statement of beliefs' that we need'');

** Self watch is summarized in this verse as against surfeiting (kraipale), drunkenness, and cares of this life;

*** The word rendered watch is ''agrupneo'' and always = ''en pas kairos'' (pray with whole heart about today's news);

**** When you watch daily news of the first four **** -- with a desire and passion for God's Kingdom that you back up with wide-awake prayer -- God promises you'll be accounted worthy to escape the next (5th) seal - Great Tribulation.

☺ You are promised the gift of God's Spirit as you ask Him for it and obey His Word -- and as you ask for God's Spirit I would ask that you heartily include me in your request for more of God's Spirit.

Anointing for God's healing
is available upon request.

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Work of This Television Ministry
Work of This Television Ministry
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