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Passover Footwashing
Service of 17-April-1981
by Herbert W. Armstrong

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Page 22 (Psalm 25)
        To Thee I Life My Soul   PlayMIDI

"To Thee I lift my soul; I trust Thee, O my God;
Let me not be ashamed, nor let my foes triumph o'er me.
Let none that wait on Thee, be put to shame at all;
But those that without cause transgress, let shame upon them fall."

"Show me Thy ways, O Lord; O teach Thou me Thy paths;
And in Thy truth lead me Thyself, therein my teacher be.
For Thou art God that dost to me salvation send;
And I upon Thee all the day, expecting, do attend."

"Thy tender mercies, Lord, remember, pray I Thee;
And loving kindnesses, for they have ever been of old.
My sins and faults of youth, do Thou, O Lord, forget;
After Thy mercy think on me, and for Thy goodness great."