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Passover Footwashing
Service of 17-April-1981
by Herbert W. Armstrong

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conducted by Herbert W. Armstrong
on the evening (after sunset) of 17-April-1981 (14-Nisan)

Wine Segment

PRAYER (in progress):  Jesus said for all of them to drink of it -- that this is the New Testament of His blood shed for the remission of sins (Matthew 26:28).

Help us to understand, Father, that this merely is a Memorial representing, a symbol representing, the Blood of Christ -- and our taking it means our receiving again the Blood of Christ for the remission of our sins.

God is the Lawgiver -- God the Father.

Our sins cut us off from God the Father -- and when Jesus paid the penalty in our stead, that simply reconciles us to God the Father -- and God has Eternal Life to give.

However, the Life comes through the Resurrection of Christ rather than through His death.  And, it comes through our resurrection, ultimately, and I hope for God's Church at the Second Coming of Christ -- for Judgment is on us now.

So, Almighty God bless this wine as we take it and help us to realize the significance -- the meaning of it -- that we are once again affirming by taking it that we are accepting the Blood of Christ for the remission of our sins, and to reconcile us to God.

And, that means that we have repented because we have no right, we cannot accept His Blood unless we have repented, and to repent means to turn away from sin that we will not commit those sins, whatever they may be, again.  At least that we will strive mightily never to again -- and that we ask God's help.

He said as a Church, that if we sin, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins -- and not only us but the rest of the world too.

So, bless everyone in this room, Father, as they partake of this.  Help us to realize the real deep significance of it and the meaning of it as we take it.  We ask your blessing on it, in Jesus' name.  Amen.